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HP Semi-Popular Fanfiction Track Service

//tracking the fics so you won't have to!//

Harry Potter Fanfiction Track
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This community is intended for the readers (such as the founder) to keep track of semi-popular fics that don't have update lists, and maybe even to reduce the need to join all those mailing lists, if things go ridiculously well.

As of now, this is no more or less than a fic tracking place that specializes in Harry Potter slash.

In order to announce a fic here, contact the mod at the address provided.

Any post that is off-topic will be modded and/or removed.

Meaning, this is now a modded community, and every post has to be pre-approved.

This measure is merely a small amount of quality control, since a fic that isn't in demand to track should be advertised somewhere else first, to get readership to start with.

It is not meant to be a place to announce one-shots-- there are enough places to post and announce those already (i.e., potteriffic).

It is off-topic to post anything other than a link and the fic name and chapter number, if applicable. It is also off-topic to post updates to anything other than the fics being tracked, without asking first.

This list can be found in this post and on the main page.